If you need a loan to pay your rent deposit then we can help you.

We can lend you up to £7,000 to pay your rent and/or pay your rental deposit (the one used for breakages,etc) and for some furniture if you wish. As long as you have a suitable guarantor to endorse your application, you are almost certain to be accepted.

  • Bad credit is ok (apart from very extreme circumstances)
  • In employment (part time is ok)
  • Have a disposable income of at least £400 a month

As long as you meet the guidelines above then we can definitely process your rental deposit loan. The loan application takes just a few minutes and the cash can be deposited into your bank account within a couple of hours. If you are interested and need to pay for your rent or rental security deposit, just complete the simple form below and we will get straight back to you.

Most people who are looking to rent a property (paticularly young people under the age of 25 or those who have been in work for less than 12 months) will be required to provide a guarantor. We can also use this guarantor to support your loan application so you won’t have to go around looking for a new one!

The loan is usually paid within 24 hours and sometimes the same day you apply.It is a simple process and we have been providing loans and finance for almost 5 years now.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0845 129 7906 and we will be delighted to help you.